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Bishop Gary L. Hall, Sr. serves as Jurisdictional Prelate of the Central
Florida First Jurisdiction. He is committed to Christ and to winning the
lost at any cost.

Bishop Hall’s pastoral journey has taken him to the Archer Church of God
in Christ in Archer, Florida (1989-1991), the Pine Street Church of God in
Christ in Starke, Florida (1991-1992) and the West Jacksonville Church of
God in Christ (1993-present). Under his leadership, the fast- growing
West Jacksonville church has developed more than thirty ministries
specializing in spiritual growth, and equipping souls to experience God’s
promises manifested in their lives. In 2010, he founded and currently
serves as Senior Pastor of the Harambee Community Church in
Jacksonville. In January 2017 he became the Senior Pastor of the Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ
which is the headquarters of Central Florida First Jurisdiction.
A prolific preacher and teacher, each year Bishop Hall travels to West Africa to conduct leadership
workshops for pastors and other church leaders. He is fully qualified as evidenced by his pastoral
experience and academic attainment. Specifically, Hall possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, a
Master’s degree in Theology and a Doctorate in Christian Education from Truth University in Jacksonville,
Florida. Moreover, he has received numerous awards and recognitions in honor of his ongoing dedication
to God and God’s people.

In December of 2008 Supt. Hall was appointed to the Executive Committee for the Pastors & Elders
Council. He relinquished this position in 2012 when he was consecrated to the Holy Office of Bishop. Since
then Bishop Hall has been appointed to several key leadership positions within the national church,
including: Chair of the Executive Board of Advisors for COGIC Urban Initiatives in July 2013; Assistant Dean
of Education of the Enhancement & Professionalism Training Program (EPTP) for the Board of Bishops in
January 2016. In 2017, Hall was appointed Dean of the EPTP. As Dean, he is responsible for creating a
continuing education program which seeks to prepare all bishops to meet the growing demands in the life
of the church. Bishop Hall also hosted the National Leadership Conference in Jacksonville in January 2015.
Being a true advocate and proponent of education, Bishop Hall has led the charge in the development of
several scholarship initiatives that provide financial support to students within the jurisdiction pursuing
collegiate study. Specifically, in 2013, Bishop Hall established the R. L. Dixon Memorial Scholarship Fund in
memory of the late Bishop R. L. Dixon. In 2014, under Bishop Hall’s leadership, the Law Firm of Pajcic and
Pajcic of Jacksonville awarded the sum of $30,000 to Bishop Hall and Central Florida First Jurisdiction for
college scholarships. Also in 2014, through a collaborative partnership with Bishop Hall and his jurisdiction,
Edward Waters College (Jacksonville, FL), has awarded a series of full college scholarships to worthy
Central Florida First students. Moreover, from 2014 to the present, the Lord has richly blessed Bishop Hall
and the jurisdiction with several full and partial scholarships at Bethune-Cookman University (Daytona
Beach, FL).

Bishop Hall is in covenant relationship with his wife of 38 years Mary L. Hall; together they have raised five
children. Without a doubt, the anointing, the fruit, and the favor of God certainly rests on the Man, the
Mentor, and the Ministry of Bishop Gary L. Hall, Sr. To be sure, his life directly impacts and leaves an
indelible impression on the lives of many at the local, jurisdictional and national levels of the Church of God in Christ and beyond.